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NAR PPF - the first offline display of Si marketing system!

NAR PPF's "Si dynamic marketing system" was displayed offline for the first time and landed in Southwest Branch.

Si dynamic marketing system 1:1 restores the marketing line of customers to the store, and cooperates with professional marketing explanations, so as to realize comprehensive visual, auditory and interactive immersive marketing. Effectively deliver the top 10 marketing points of Danal PPF within 15 minutes. Effectively reduce the difficulty of sales and greatly enhance the credibility. Make store sales simple and pleasant.

See you or leave! NAR ppf-2021 China trade Yasen Guangzhou Exhibition

From September 10 to September 12, 2021, Shanghai NAR Industrial Co., Ltd., China trade Yasen Guangzhou Exhibition, will meet you at booth 11.3e21!

Main highlights of the exhibition

1. Brand VI image new upgrade

2. Brand display props new upgrade

3. The industry's first Si marketing system

4. New product launch - colorful TPU

5. New single store drainage model launched

As a leading supplier of precision coating materials in China, Shanghai NAR Industrial Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002825) was established at the end of 2002. With scientific governance structure, efficient supply chain management and continuous pursuit of innovation, it provides customers in more than 90 countries and regions with stable quality products and high-quality and reliable services. In recent years, the company has continuously expanded its expansion in the field of new materials such as digital jet printing, automotive functional film and multi-layer optical and electronic functional film, and entered the fine chemical field such as inkjet ink and adhesive through investment, so as to realize the diversified and multi track development of related industries.

After 18 years, NAR has grown into an industry leading high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales.

"NAR PPF", as a high-end body paint protective film brand subordinate to NAR shares, adopts the fifth generation hydrogen bond patented coating technology, which has extremely high hardness, can resist deformation, nicks and scratches, automatic repair, oxidation resistance and strong yellowing resistance. Based on the R & D strength of functional material system innovation Research Institute of NAR shares (Changshu Institute of Technology), NAR PPF brand products have a number of functional film patent technologies. Through large-scale and lean production, NAR PPF creates high-quality paint protective film products for end users and creates a bright future for partners.