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NAR: lean management improves itself, and the pace of progress has never stopped

As an excellent enterprise with continuous technological progress, NAR has never stopped training employees. In the people-oriented moment, NAR also attaches great importance to the improvement of talent management ability.

The past 2020 is destined to be recorded in history. The sudden epidemic has brought challenges from home and abroad at the same time. Under the beating of wind and waves, NAR people not only did not give up, but regarded the crisis as an opportunity and difficulties as an opportunity for self-improvement. In the difficult times, we should constantly examine ourselves, affirm our advantages, and recognize the existence of defects. In order to further consolidate the foundation, after several investigations, NAR launched the project of "lean management", which provides a more solid foundation for the better development of the enterprise.

This project covers every link of the company's operation, from sales to logistics to equipment management. The "promotion group", "delivery group" and "quality group" composed of key personnel of various departments promote and implement the project, strive to improve the company's delivery capacity, stabilize product quality and improve customer satisfaction!

At the same time, the consultant group is required to release "hands and feet" to promote; Promote the team to establish models and standards, and clarify the project; The implementation team shall apply what they have learned, establish learning and practice, and achieve their goals. Start with details, improve the efficiency of each link, and essentially improve the production organization mode and method.

In any case, NAR people will continue to make efforts, constantly improve themselves, implement lean and refinement, create an advanced production model suitable for social and market development, and become not only the benchmark of the industry, but also the partner and the most reliable colleague of all NAR people!