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How to check the warranty of NAR PPF stealth car clothes?

The official account of PPF always focuses on the protection of consumers' rights and interests, so that the vast number of consumers can identify official authorized stores, online official websites, public numbers and small programs under the national line.

Cases of selling fake goods

1. The so-called NAR PPF genuine products sold by meters in the market recently are fake! The whole series of NAR PPF products are sold in full volume according to the specification of 1.52 * 15m.

2. The price of the whole series of NAR PPF products is subject to the dealers in various regions. The other products without NAR PPF authorization and electronic warranty are fake!

Identify offline officially authorized stores

The official account stores under NAR PPF line have the image of nal PPF gate, and the authorization certificate of nal Industrial Co., Ltd., all authorized stores can be queried through official website, small program and public number.

Identify online official flagship store

Consumers are invited to purchase Nall PPF genuine stealth car clothes through online regular channels, JD search - Nall PPF stealth car clothes (only this channel, and other online channels are not authorized), and then install and paste them in Nall PPF regular and authorized stores.

Official electronic quality assurance system

The clerk will assist you to apply for an electronic quality assurance card when you buy / install invisible car clothes in the regular authorized store of NAR PPF. This electronic quality assurance card is like the ID card of the product, which can ensure the authenticity of the product. All products that cannot upload the electronic warranty are regarded as fake. If the store cannot provide the electronic warranty, it can refuse to pay. At the same time, it can report to 315 relevant departments and ask for a refund of one and a compensation of three. In addition, if there is a problem after pasting the film, you can also use it to go to the store to seek a solution.

Electronic quality assurance card inquiry website:

Or the official WeChat official account of PPF, the menu bar below the small program [quality assurance query] to inquire into the process and card number of the warranty application.
NAR PPF anti counterfeiting mark

In addition to the electronic quality assurance system, all NAR PPF stealth car clothing products have logos on the bottom paper

We have also customized NAR PPF exclusive logo for invisible car clothes. Together with electronic warranty, it provides owners with quality products, professional stickers and worry free after-sales, so that we don't have to worry about buying fake goods anymore.

"NAR PPF" is a transparent and invisible protective film installed on the car paint, which can increase the brightness of the car paint by 30% and protect the car paint from scratch, collision and other damage. It has scratch repair function and scratch masking function, as well as self-cleaning function. The base material is TPU thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a completely invisible paint protective film. It mainly produces transparent and invisible protective films installed on automobile paint. The products are used in automobile, motorcycle, RV, yacht, aircraft, high-grade furniture, mobile phone 3C products and other fields.