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The only original car part you can't buy is the original car paint

Commercial cars in the world are made of steel or aluminum alloy. In order to prevent embroidery and beauty, paint is indispensable. Car paint is generally baking paint. In the car factory, after the frame and shell are welded (sometimes repaired manually), the next process is painting.

Generally speaking, the first is primer. Immerse the polished car shell into the syrup like paint tank, take out and dry the primer; Then send them to the dust-free workshop and spray the top paint with electrostatic spraying process. Then dry at a temperature of about 200 degrees.

There are several kinds of general finish: ordinary paint; Metallic paint; Pearlescent paint. In terms of color, white is undoubtedly the cheapest. This is why some domestic cars have so few color varieties: simple and low cost. No matter what color of paint, its pigment will fade in the sun. At this time, how to add additives to the paint is very important. For example, light stabilizers, antioxidants and so on. In many cases, the quality of additives determines how the paint feels.

For paint repair, it is recommended to go to a special repair shop or repair shop. The reason is very simple: when it comes to the painting process of the original factory, it is said that after spraying the paint, bake it at a temperature of 200 degrees. How many parts on the finished car can withstand the temperature of 200 degrees? Can we tear down the car and leave only the shell? Special touch up paint is used for touch up paint. The baking temperature of the repair paint is relatively low, 7 and 80 degrees.

If you want to match the original color as much as possible, you can only adjust it now. In addition, in order to avoid color difference as much as possible, even if you only need to repair a small piece of paint, the factory will spray the whole piece again. For example, if there is a place on the door that needs to be repaired, the upper half or lower half of the door shall be sprayed with the anti scratch strip as the boundary.

Good maintenance stations also use good brands. In small shops, even some less formal special maintenance stations may use cheap paint (if they are not said to be fake) to reduce costs. At that time, the effect may be the same. Three months later, the color difference came. This, we users can hardly identify. Only identify assured repair shop. Although the baking temperature of repair paint is relatively low, it does not mean that it does not need to be baked or replaced by other methods. So the car paint is the only original part you can't buy.