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Announcement on cracking down on counterfeit PPF paint protective film

Dear partners and car owners

Since entering the Chinese market, American PPF automotive protective film products have been working hard to operate brand effect and obtain better user experience! So far, PPF products have successfully developed China's automobile protective film market and won high praise from a large number of users! PPF brand has become the representative of high-end body protective film!

Recently, our company found that some illegal operators fake our "PPF" brand to attract customers and mislead consumers, which had a very bad impact on the market, thus seriously infringing on the company's reputation and interests. At least you can add something in front of or behind the PPF. Of course, there are many now. Please Polish consumers' eyes and insist on safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests.

In response to the above events, our company solemnly declares as follows:

1. Shanghai NAR Co., Ltd. is the only headquarters of PPF paint protective film in China. Any product using PPF brand without authorization of the company is a fake and shoddy product.

2. All authorized dealers of the company have been officially filed by the company and can be queried on the company's official website ( → dealer query).

3. At present, the company has entrusted lawyers to negotiate with relevant departments, and will further investigate the legal responsibility of the person responsible for counterfeit products, and resolutely put an end to acts that infringe on the legitimate interests of our company.

Each roll of genuine PPF paint protective film has an independent reel label and paper quality assurance card, and can generate an electronic quality assurance card for query on the official website.

Now PPF genuine packaging:

PPF paper quality assurance card:

PPF development has been trying to provide customers with stable product quality and service. Quality is the core driving force for the vigorous development of PPF. A unified and effective quality control system is the guarantee for the stability of PPF marketing network. All authorized service centers of PPF have professional installation personnel. PPF products are constructed by professionals to provide you with reliable product guarantee with excellent service and manufacturer's warranty. Once the PPF is installed by an authorized dealer, it will obtain good quality assurance.

We hereby remind the majority of stores and customers to recognize the essence and not to be brought serious follow-up problems by some products borrowed from well-known brands. At the same time, we warn those units and individuals who carry out counterfeiting and infringement to stop all counterfeiting and infringement immediately, and our company will further investigate their legal responsibilities in due time

PPF China publicity

Notice on product electronic quality assurance

Notice on product electronic quality assurance

Statement on the recent distribution of PPF brand paint protective film products through informal channels

Recently, we have received complaints from some consumers and found that bad businesses counterfeit PPF brand products and pretend to be PPF dealers for sales and installation, misleading consumers to obtain violence, which has had an extremely bad negative impact on the market, thus infringing on the company's reputation and interests.

In response to the above events, we hereby declare that:

1. Product serial number:

We hereby declare that the paint protective film products of "2817541801211", "2816541811365" and "2817541811088" are sold through non PPF formal channels. Our company does not provide any quality assurance and after-sales service for this product.

2. PPF products have independent corresponding ID card serial numbers, which can be found on the PPF official website: Log in to query the electronic warranty information. The products that cannot be queried are fake and shoddy products. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, dealers and car owners should pay attention to identification when purchasing.

#Quickly identify the true and false#

Product serial number of independent ID card corresponding to each other

Query warranty information on the official website

Friendly tips: for electronic warranty

Customers can receive the official electronic warranty SMS within 7 working days after installation

#Official statement#