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Cadillac CT6 pasted NAR R20 invisible car jacket visual effect Full Score

At present, ordinary car owners will attach invisible car clothes to their cars, not to mention luxury cars. They must do a good job in advance to prevent the paint from being scratched and scratched by carelessness when they go out. Although they have handled it in time, in order to avoid these situations next time, I want to take my car, install a NAR invisible car suit and do all-round protection.

This time, the Cadillac owner went to the store and chose NAR R20 invisible car coat. This product is the fifth generation hydrogen bond patent coating. After twice surface passivation treatment, it has super permeability, scratch repair and memory function; Eliminate water stains, extinction and extreme anti pollution. The super thick and super tough environmental protection TPU is super protective, and the anti rubbing performance is increased by more than 3 times.

NAR's workshops build a complete back glue coating industry chain, realizing a full range of manufacturing from raw materials such as PVC calendering film and release paper to back glue finished products. Jing completed the construction of dust-free workshops in 2018 and built three thousand level dust-free workshops in 2020.

NAR sets strict standards, strives to maintain consistency and accuracy in all his work, and is committed to continuously improving his ability.

Tensile test, yellowing test, aging test, viscosity test, outdoor weather resistance test.

NAR paint protective film is famous for its high brightness and high stability. It has outstanding performance in anti pollution and water self-cleaning.