Paint Protective Film

       "NAR PPF" brand paint protective film is based on the R & D strength of NAR Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002825) (Changshu Institute of Technology) functional material system innovation research institute. It has a number of functional film patent technologies. Through large-scale and lean production, it creates high-quality paint protective film products for end users and creates a bright future for partners.

       Products are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, RV, yacht, aircraft, high-grade furniture, mobile phone 3C products and other fields.

       "NAR PPF" is a transparent and invisible protective film installed on the car paint, which can increase the brightness of the car paint by 30% and protect the car paint from scratch, collision and other damage. It has scratch repair function and scratch masking function, as well as self-cleaning function. The base material is TPU thermoplastic polyurethane. It adopts nano injection metal self-cleaning patented double coating technology. It is a completely invisible paint protective film.

       After using our PPF,we will also provide the corresponding right to use the cutting software.

Car Sunroof Film PPF

W Series

Yellowing resistant grade 5 TPU substrate, a new generation of metal oxidation resistant patented thermal insulation coating
High definition, high insulation
The hardness of the sunroof is increased by more than three times