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Electronic quality assurance is the only authentic certification channel

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    Thank you for choosing NAR PPF automobile paint protection film products. For your legitimate consumer rights and interests, please ask for official electronic quality assurance information from NAR PPF dealer within 7 days after the completion of the acceptance of nale PPF paint protection film. Electronic quality assurance is the only genuine product certification channel to prevent counterfeiting. If the electronic quality assurance product is not uploaded within the time limit, it will be regarded as giving up the right of warranty Li, the company does not undertake the authenticity of the products and related after-sales treatment obligations!

    1.To be used within one year after purchase: from the date of construction, construction vehicles shall enjoy the official manufacturer level warranty service of NAR PPF.

    2.Warranty covers: degumming, cracking, blistering and delamination. This warranty does not cover product wear and tear, external corrosion, accident, collision or any form of intentional damage caused by external forces.

    3.This guarantee is not transferable and will terminate automatically when the vehicle is transferred.


Precautions for the use of paint protection film:

1、Avoid washing the car within one week after applying the film to ensure the best adhesion between the glue and the paint;

2、When cleaning the vehicle, avoid using a high-pressure water gun to wash the edges of the membrane;

3、When cleaning the vehicle, avoid using brushes and corrosive chemicals;

4、Avoid hard objects scratching and scrubbing the surface of the film hard. The traces of scratching and abrasion will affect the overall effect of the film

5、It is recommended to perform routine care on the membrane surface every two months;

6、It is not recommended to polish on the film surface;

7、The intensity of ultraviolet radiation in the summer sun is very strong. Do not park your car outside for a long time and expose it to the sun;

8、Do not park your car under a tree, otherwise there will be a lot of guano shellac glue sticking to the membrane surface, which is highly corrosive and easy to damage the membrane surface coating;

9、Do not park your car under the exhaust fan of the range hood for a long time, otherwise there will be a lot of oil stains on the membrane surface, which is not easy to clean;

10、Do not park your car for a long time at the dripping point of the air-conditioning outlet. The corrosive air-conditioning water will damage the structure of the film surface coating;

11、Do not park the car in the rain for a long time, the acid in the rain will erode the membrane surface;

12、If used as a wedding car, do not stick the suction cup directly on the membrane surface; wedding car ribbons, firecrackers and fireworks can easily cause staining on the membrane surface, and need to be cleaned and maintained within 12 hours;

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