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Development Path

Development Path

2002NAR International was established

2005Construction of the Shanghai factory (south area) started, with a construction area of nearly 17,000 square meters

2010Nantong factory started construction, with a total construction area of nearly 100,000 square meters

2013The Nantong factory is completed, and the Nal brand products are distributed in more than 90 countries and regions

2014NAR's annual production reached 100 million square meters

2015The Shanghai (North District) factory was completed, with a construction area of ​​nearly 19,000 square meters

2016Shenzhen SME board A shares were successfully listed, stock abbreviation: NAR shares, code: 002825

2016Successfully applied for a patented metal anti-fouling coating (patent number: CN107629709A).

2017Shanghai NAR Industrial Co., Ltd. wholly acquired the "PPF" brand and operation rights, and the 10,000-level precision coating production line was put into operation

2018NAR shares successfully developed the first all-climate outdoor weathering tester, and formulated the paint protection film testing standards

2019The offline channel layout is complete, online orders are taken to the provincial authorized stores, and the 4S store and OEM project service system are established at the same time

2020The new brand "NAR PPF" will be launched, and 3 new 10,000-level precision coating production lines will be added, with a monthly capacity of 20,000 rolls and an annual output of 6,000,000 square meters.


Brand Culture


Integrity, respect, innovation, and win-win

Brand mission:

NAR PPF paint protective film is the endorsement of protection, so that every car lover has a permanent good car paint!

Brand core:

Every car needs the protection of "NAR PPF"


Patent achievements

ZL201510359759.3  An anti-scratch coating used on the surface of TPU film

ZL201510645557.5  A TPU protective film with anti-scratch coating

ZL201610520684.7  A kind of anti-fouling TPU car body protective film

ZL201610927477.3  super transparent body sticker

ZL201710873570.5  a kind of thermal insulation TPU protective film

ZL201710873627.1  A kind of anti-scratch and anti-fouling TPU body protective film and its production process

ZL201710877547.3  An anti-fingerprint TPU protective film

ZL201910040152.7 A second repair TPU invisible car clothing film and preparation method thereof

ZL201910040727.5 UV-curable anti-scratch self-repairing TPU invisible car film and preparation method thereof

ZL201621152505.0  A TPU body sticker

ZL201721232626.0  A protective film for easy winding

ZL201621152509.9  super transparent body