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Is it really necessary to stick invisible car clothes (paint protective film)?

Value of original paint

When the car just left the factory, the paint surface was baked at high temperature to make the paint fully fit the iron plate surface. In addition to the dust-free environment of spraying, there are almost no impurities in the sprayed original paint, and the hardness is high. More often, the whole vehicle has almost no color difference and has a long service life.

In the process of repainting in the future, many car owners will encounter some problems, such as color difference, it is easy to damage the bottom paint after scratching, impurities and so on. Compared with the original paint of other parts, the re sprayed non original paint becomes very unsatisfactory.

At present, there are more and more second-hand car transactions in China. When replacing vehicles, many car owners hope that their vehicles can estimate a higher price. The first factor in the evaluation of second-hand cars is whether it is the original paint. The difference between the original paint and non original paint in the evaluation value of second-hand cars is 10%, so the value of original paint is much higher than expected.

With the improvement of the quality of life, you have more and more rice in your pockets and more people buy cars.

The difference in purchasing power and the grade of the car also appeared. For luxury cars, especially American standard or imported vehicles, bumps are inevitable in our great country, but after-sales is a headache, which greatly affects travel vehicles. In addition, in case of domestic climate problems, haze, acid rain and so on, the "face" of the whole car is seriously damaged.

To this end, the general trend, there are a wide variety of invisible car clothes on the market, and they are imperceptibly known to the public.

Paint protective film

PaintProtective Film

Here, it is unified to popularize for the majority of riders. Paint protective film. The abbreviation is PPF. That's what you often mention. In general, they are commonly known as rhinoceros skin, invisible car clothes, paint shield a, etc. The professional name is paint protective film.

1. Material

Now the paint protective film on the market is generally divided into PVC, TPU and PU. Pu is polyurethane and TPU is thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a kind of polyurethane. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is increasingly welcomed by the people because of its superior performance and environmental protection concept. At present, where PVC is used, TPU can become a substitute for PVC. The advantages of single TPU are beyond the reach of PVC. TPU not only has excellent characteristics of high tension, high tension, strength, toughness and aging resistance, but also is a mature environmental protection material.

PVC is protected by hardness, and the other is protected by toughness; Of course, TPU material is the most expensive. It has certain scratch resistance and automatic repair ability. Of course, there are many TPU brands on the market.

2. So the question is, how to identify these brands?

What Xiaobian wants to say is that now the automotive aftermarket is booming, and more and more people join this industry. However, China's Shanzhai ability is obvious to all. Therefore, first identify the brand. At present, there are some OEM products on the market, that is, Shanzhai products. I won't point out the details one by one. Welcome to Xiaobian if you need it.