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What is the match between McLaren GT and NAR PPF stealth car clothes!

McLaren GT has its unique personality. It has no bulky front and no rear seats. Its lines are stretched to be elegant enough, and its proportion is unforgettable. Standing in front of it, you can feel its self-confidence.

When our construction workers saw the car, they couldn't help praising it, and they were more careful during construction.

At the same time, pay attention to the construction sequence. The temperature of the engine compartment is still very high when the car arrives at the store, so give priority to other parts, and post the engine cover when the residual temperature of the engine compartment dissipates.

For NAR PPF construction, the staff shall wear uniform clothes and shall not have excess dust. Before construction, the tools shall be inspected and maintained to confirm the products.

After making preparations in the early stage, we should first conduct a general cleaning of the vehicle. After cleaning, the customer should sign for confirmation. After entering our construction dust-free room, we should conduct fine cleaning of the vehicle. After completion, we should start to protect the foundation of the vehicle and confirm the quality and model of the vehicle film.

The McLaren GT after the car film is pasted is more low-key and luxurious, like a cup of fruity and slow red wine, with appropriate tannins and acidity, which makes the wine lighter, more palatable, tighter and more sporty, without being as tough and inhumane as super running. The smooth structure is its unique charm.

The protected car paint not only makes the whole car dazzling and more value preserving, but also has the characteristics of rust prevention and corrosion prevention on the metal surface to ensure the integrity and durability of the whole vehicle surface.

Car paint consists of paint and varnish. The paint is very fragile. If it is not protected, it will be like an exposed billboard. It won't take long to be dull and lose color.