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NAR PPF: precise protection for every car

NAR PPF is a high-end body paint protective film product of NAR shares. For many years, with scientific governance structure, efficient supply chain management and continuous pursuit of innovation, NAR PPF can resist deformation, scoring and scratch with its extremely high hardness. At the same time, it has automatic repair, antioxidant function and strong yellowing resistance. It has brought a sense of security to many cars and car owners. At the same time, NAR is still innovating and creating more high-end protective film products through his excellent technical ability, so as to create a broader future for partners.

NAR company takes integrity, respect, innovation and win-win as the basic development concept. Every employee of the enterprise should treat his users in good faith, and the company's management should treat every employee in good faith. At the same time, employees should also be in good faith, and dishonest people are not allowed to appear. The enterprise respects every user, adheres to the principle of user first, and brings the most comfortable service to every user.

Innovation: every enterprise needs innovation. NAR's technology is constantly improving, and its products are constantly innovating with the progress of technology.

Win win: the win-win situation between the owner and the enterprise is realized. Our products can help the owner protect the car paint.

NAR PPF is one of NAR's excellent products at present. NAR PPF has the most advanced automobile film coating technology and coating process, and adopts professional construction tools, 3D special vehicle special film technology, interior micro water film technology, etc.

In the future, NAR will continue to innovate and explore in the field of precision coating technology and fine chemical industry from a global perspective, and develop products more in line with the happy living space of nature and mankind through continuous innovation with its strong strength and capital. Through intensive cultivation, NAR shares will be built into a century old store with Evergreen Foundation, providing customers around the world with more environmentally friendly, convenient and beautiful products and services, and creating a comfortable, safe and beautiful living environment for the society.