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How does NAR PPF paint protective film preserve the value of the vehicle?

Some of our car owners hesitate when pasting the invisible car clothes and worry that the invisible car clothes are not worth the price, but time has made them understand that pasting the invisible car clothes is a very correct thing, and it is simply worth the money.

In fact, the car owners' recognition of the car clothes is very high, because they are very clear that the importance of the original car machine has a significant guarantee for the structural safety of the whole vehicle, but some car owners do not attach great importance to the original car paint, so the recognition of pasting invisible car clothes is not very high.

However, after a long time, car owners can understand that the paint surface of the vehicle will not change with time after installing the invisible car clothes, and the paint damage they usually suffer will be different. However, after two years and three years, car owners can clearly find that compared with the vehicles equipped with car clothes, the vehicles with paint and naked cars, What is the difference of paint surface? Where the hell did you come from?

First of all, there is a great difference in the gloss of the vehicle. The paint surface of the naked vehicle will become dark and dull. However, after the vehicle clothes are installed, the original paint of the vehicle will not be damaged, and the paint surface of the vehicle will become more textured, the color value will be significantly improved, and there will be no slight scratches and damage on the paint surface of the vehicle, However, there must be all kinds of slight scratches on the paint surface of vehicles traveling naked, including normal car washing lines, sun lines, and even the corrosion of some bird droppings, insect corpses and grease on the paint surface, and the damage of acid rain on the paint surface. Therefore, installing invisible car clothes is an important way for car owners to more effectively protect their car paint surface.

Therefore, after pasting the invisible car clothes, the car owners will feel that pasting the car clothes is a very correct thing, especially when the vehicle is sold for the second time. The price of the vehicle with the invisible car clothes is much higher than that of the vehicle without them, so the car owners can rest assured that pasting the invisible car clothes is definitely a thing of value for money.