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How to judge the authenticity of NAR PPF paint protective film?

As the high quality of NAR PPF paint protective film is loved by the majority of car owners, many counterfeit products inevitably begin to appear in the car clothing market. Car owners want to know how to avoid buying fake NAR PPF paint protective film. Let Xiaobian tell you today.

1. Look at product quality

Whether it is RPRO or tpro, "narppf" body paint protective film is made of substrate imported from the United States. The fifth generation hydrogen bond patent coating is applied to RPRO and metal self-cleaning patent coating is applied to tpro. The above two patented coatings are the essential difference between narppf products and other products.

2. Purchase in a regular authorized store

Before purchase, please check the official brand authorized store on NAR PPF's official website and verify the authorization certificate of the authorized store.

"Narppf" brand is very strict in the authorization of brand stores. Each authorized store will be issued with an authorization certificate, and their store name, address and other details can be found on the official website (www.narppf. Com. CN).

3. Check appearance

Before formal purchase, please check the following product appearance information, which will effectively help identify the authenticity.

Check the box. The packaging box of genuine products shall adopt the pattern of intersection of blue, white and black, and shall have the logo of "narppf".

View the core number. The model and core number of the film are printed on the side of the outer packing box. Pay attention to whether the core number of the packing box and the inner side of the shaft are consistent, and whether the label is altered or scratched, so as to prevent the recovery of genuine packaging, putting in alternative products and counterfeiting.

View release film identification. All narppf release films are printed with the corresponding brand logo. Products without bottom logo are non genuine.

Check the electronic warranty card. The quality assurance card is the only certificate for safeguarding rights. The brand's quality assurance card has a unified number, 400 telephone number and testing place, which can be queried on the official website or go to the designated testing place for free testing. In case of quality problems, you can apply to the manufacturer for identification and claim with the quality assurance card.

Therefore, after the construction of car clothes, we must ask the store to upload the electronic warranty. Electronic quality assurance is the only authentic certification channel and the only guarantee for car owners.

If the owner needs to know about the warranty, he can query the corresponding electronic warranty online according to the vehicle license plate and roll core number, and query the electronic warranty website: