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NAR PPF skylight Ice Armor W series

It adopts grade 5 TPU base material with yellowing resistance and a new generation of metal anti-oxidation patented thermal insulation coating. It has high light transmittance, does not affect the skylight lighting, high clarity, low haze, high thermal insulation, and Ashland glue does not degumm and curl. The hardness of the skylight is increased by more than three times to strictly prevent the risk of falling objects.

In terms of performance, the skylight Ice Armor also has more dazzling data. From the numerical point of view:

1. Infrared barrier 92%

2. UV barrier 99%

3. Lasting mirror effect

4. TPU scratch self repair

5. The film surface refuses oxidation

6. Thermal insulation and explosion-proof

Insulation, NAR PPF is professional! NAR PPF skylight ice armour W series has applied for the thermal insulation TPU patent number in 2017. By adding heat absorbing materials into the coating, it can achieve the thermal insulation effect, block 99% ultraviolet rays and prevent heat from being transmitted to the car through the glass. It is unique in the market. At the same time, it is non glue dyeing, and customers can use it with confidence.

NAR PPF keeps pace with the times, keeps innovating, and is always committed to providing consumers with better products and services, which is the original intention of NAR PPF. NAR PPF skylight Ice Armor, explosion-proof and heat insulation, you deserve it!