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NAR PPF car film: sunroof Ice Armor gives better protection to the car

The so-called skylight Ice Armor, as the name suggests, is the glass film applied to the automobile skylight. With the emergence of panoramic skylight, the car skylight is becoming larger and larger, and the potential safety hazards of roof glass are also increasing. The problems such as the bursting and breaking of the skylight, the high temperature of the skylight and no heat insulation greatly reduce the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers. In fact, the glass used for the skylight has been tempered, and through the special internal stress design, there will be no particularly large fragments when it is broken, and there is no direct fatal danger in theory. However, the glass slag produced by it still has certain safety risks. After all, it will not adhere firmly and splash. These glass slag are easy to stab us and cause damage to our mucosal organs. This small piece by piece, falling down with a little speed, falling out of your eyes, ears and nose, it's really hard to prevent.


Therefore, in order to better protect our car paint, NAR launched PPF skylight Ice Armor W series.