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Maserati pasted the NAR R20 invisible car coat, which is more different

When talking about Maserati, the first thing we think of is the unique "Trident" logo and the popular model "President". The family's iconic polygonal forward air grille, and the straight waterfall chrome plated banners inside the grille are relatively simple.

After the Maserati is sent to the construction shop, professional construction personnel will prepare before construction, mainly including their own dress requirements, inspection and maintenance of construction tools, etc. before it is sent to the dust-free construction room, it is also necessary to preliminarily clean the car and confirm the quality and model of the car film. After these are confirmed, Let the owner sign and complete it. This report is ancient construction.

During construction, we first need to remove the places where the film is not used, such as word signs, license plates, door handles, lights, etc. of course, this Maserati has not been pasted with automobile film type products before, so there is no need to clean up the residual glue. If it is a car that has been pasted with film before, we also need to clean up the residual glue first, and then the whole car can be pasted.

After the film is pasted on the whole car, the car clothes also need to be treated with bubbles and dust spots to make the car clothes look more perfect. Remove the internal and external protection of the car, post the PPF logo, clean the inside and outside, and install all the previously disassembled parts for three inspections.

After the inspection, guide the owner to fill in the quality assurance card, and then upload the quality assurance card to inform the warm prompt. Explain the repair and maintenance time to the owner, make an appointment for the next maintenance time, negotiate with the owner on how to manage the remaining film, and finally do a construction inspection to tell the owner how to maintain the invisible car clothes, so as to complete the whole construction process.

The invisible car coat is very useful for every car. It can isolate the car paint from the external environment, so the polluted air and ultraviolet light can not cause the oxidation and fading of the car paint. At the same time, the harmful objects such as acid rain, bird excrement and stones will not hurt our car paint and keep the car beautiful for a long time.

Invisible car clothes can solve the scratch when parking. Will it hurt if you accidentally rub it when parking your car. Of course, with the protection of invisible car clothes, you can escape this disaster.

NAR PPF invisible car coat is highly stable and has super long warranty. It takes perfect care of your car without any damage.