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Why is NAR R20 invisible car coat loved by car owners?

Now invisible car clothes are not exclusive to luxury cars. Sticking car clothes represents an attitude and reflects not only the owner's love for cars, but also a group value. Although compared with other paint maintenance items, such as polishing, the price of invisible car clothes is not dominant, there are still great differences in the properties between the two. Xiaobian believes that invisible car clothes are more suitable for our car owners.

NAR focuses on the research and development of invisible car clothes. At present, he has launched R20 product. The product adopts hydrogen bond patent coating, which belongs to the fifth generation of hydrogen bond patent coating. After twice surface passivation treatment, it has super permeability, scratch repair and memory function; Eliminate water stains, extinction and extreme anti pollution. The super thick and super tough environmental protection TPU is super protective, and the anti rubbing performance is increased by more than 3 times.

R20 adopts a new generation of silica gel protective film in film mounting, with low static electricity on the surface; Comprehensive protection, avoid objective damage and ensure the quality of the original.

The base material is imported from the United States, and the puncture resistance test has passed the international certification: aliphatic TPU, yellowing resistance can reach the world's highest level 5 outdoor weather resistance. 87A excellent softness. High perspective penetrating vehicle,

The glue is also very excellent. It adopts HuangGuo Ashland chemical long-term removable PSA, with low initial adhesion and high holding adhesion. The net connected glue exhibition has few glue lines and is easy to construct. It can realize 15 second self-adhesive, very easy to locate and close the edge, with a starting probability of 0, convenient and efficient installation and no after-sales worry.

A new generation of high profile film materials can better increase the release force of PET film and achieve extremely light and stable release during stripping. It has achieved better perfection in isolation, protection and easy stripping.

NAR PPF paint protective film has a maximum seven-year warranty and lasting care. It is a reputable product exported at home and abroad.